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Default You Guys Have Yet To Let Me Down, So...

Since AMD chips are droping in price I plan to go with the X2 3800+, I read soemthing somewhere about having to mess around with the BIOS to get windows to run smoothing with the dual processor. Is this true? And if so what do I need to adjust?

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Default Re: You Guys Have Yet To Let Me Down, So...

You shouldn't have to mess with anything in the BIOS, it'll work fine with windows. You know I would look into the new intel conroe cores also, they come out about the time for the amd price drop, and even the cheapest one which is around the proce the 3800+ X2 will be, competes with the FX-55 and higher. Destroys the 3800+ X2.

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Default Re: You Guys Have Yet To Let Me Down, So...

yeah i agree with biglu on the conroe issue. but if you have your mind set on the 3800+x2, i use it and i know i didn't have to touch the bios at all in order to use it. windows is 100% compatible with the x2 core. don't hafta worry about a thing.
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Default Re: You Guys Have Yet To Let Me Down, So...

Just make sure your BIOS will work with it. Most motherboards these days have updated BIOS's to detect dual-core processors.

I also agree with BigLu. Even when Core 2 Duo releases and AMD does the price drop, the cheapest Conroe based processor will be the E6300 (1.86GHz/1066MHz FSB & 2MB L2 Cache) costing $206. That's only about $50 from the projected price of the X2 3800+'s price after price drops, yet it'll perform way better than the 3800+. If you ask me, the best Core 2 Duo for the price and performance is the E6600. Running at 2.40GHz with a 1066MHz FSB and 4MB L2 Cache, it will only set you back $316. Don't forget that the Core 2 Duo processors overclock wonders. Just air cooling is sufficient enough to get it to 3.0ghz, and it won't be like the Prescott and become a stovetop, thanks to it's 65W TDP. Oh and did I mention that the E6600 is already good enough to compete with the Athlon FX-60 just by stock speeds? This isn't even the highest variant with the E6700 and Extreme X6800 above it. Keep your eyes peeled once July 23 comes around.
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Default Re: You Guys Have Yet To Let Me Down, So...

alvino, have you became an intel fanboy over my absence? =P

But yeah, I've been out of it, looks like Intel and AMD are finally on par, after Intel had a pretty shitty last 2 years.
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