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Question XP install problems seemingly due to hardware issue somewhere...

This will be a bit long... but please read it and try to help me out. THANKS in advance!

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I was having a problem with my computer where it would shut off unexpectedly and reboot itself in XP. (some of you may remember) No blue screen of death or anything. Also, my PC was not recognizing my second stick of RAM anymore. (it had when I first installed it months ago, but then it stopped at some point)

ANYWAY --- Turns out my hard drive was bad. It got worse and worse, but I was able to backup my files between all these random reboots. Also, while I was backing things up, I changed my PSU just to see if that was causing problems, and for some reason it started seeing my second stick of RAM again after that. (weird, but possibly coincidence) Once I backed everything up, I took the hard drive out. I then cleared my 2nd HDD and used it to install XP Pro again.

Here's where my current problem is: I tried installing XP about 15 times, but I keep getting problems. I'll either get a stream of files that apparently can't be copied from the XP disk. (even though I just used this same disk to install XP on another PC) If it's not that problem, XP setup will just freeze. If not that, I'll get the blue screen of death either telling me that that something is wrong with the PAGE_MEMORY or something, or one saying "IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS." (MS site says that one refers to possible RAM, L2Cache problem, and the other error possibly refers to faulty hardware of some sort) AND IF IT'S NOT THOSE ERRORS, setup will say that it can not find driver files (or somethinglike that) for CD ROM -- among other things -- while it is going through the "Installing Devices" procedure, but it will continue through setup for a while (ignoring those files) then eventually give me a blue screen.

And anytime the blue screen is the problem stopping my install, I hear a small click in the system and that's when the HDD activity light stops. (fans all still run)

Now... I have tried TWO different hard drives for this install, and both get all of these same problems. I checked both of my RAM sticks out on another computer and ran that computer for a while with them, and they were fine. The processor temperature stays well below the "hot" zone, even when these errors start happening. I switched my video card with another one, and the same thing happens. The PSU is different than my first one (when I was having Windows shut down and reboot on me with my original HD) so it seems to be fine. I changed my HDD IDE cable, so that's brand new.

So... WHAT CAN IT BE??? Mobo? I tried so many of the key parts and they all seem fine. I HATE not being able to pinpoint something...

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Default Re: XP install problems seemingly due to hardware issue somewhere...

And I just want to add that as I was thinking about the problem, it occurred to me that my original hard drive might not have been bad after all... It could have been whatever THIS problem is that was causing it...

Still, I have no idea what it might be. I can only assume, after all of the things I tried, that it must be either the mobo or the processor. Does that sound about right?
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