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Default Re: Xp...

Originally Posted by skunx710
Here we go again, just because you lack the ability to remove spyware and viruses doesn't mean nobody can...you must have one hell of an ego to think just because you can't nobody can. Maybe the difference could be I do it 60-70 hours a week. How many times have you installed sp2? Over 100 times? I doubt it. WTF is "doge area" maybe you should learn how to rid your system of hijackers. When I remove spyware and viruses they do not regenerate themselves again...I believe I would hear all about it charging $110.00 to remove it, if it just came back.

4) it gets rid of the pro or home text at the startup, so it then means iv got to find it out in the system information box.
This must be a real pain in the ass to do for such an experienced tech like yourself.
how about
start, run, cmd,
And exactly when did it matter? Are you going to install different drivers, or tech the computer in any different manner, if its home, and not pro or vice versa?
Maybe you have xp professional, and at bootup, you want everyone around you knowing you truly are, a, professional.
5) it just slows my pc down to pulp.
thats probably the hijacker
6) not another 100 pop ups telling me i need an update to download or to install, go away im playing a game here.
ever thought of turning auto updates off? I know its real tough, like 3 clicks of a mouse.
Again sp2 is great for people who know what they are doing..all other users should stick with windows 98 or something.
I didnt say i couldent, i was just saying from a normal computer users, pont of vue. i can quite easly get rid of them in one hit. It looks like someone here is getting very jelose coz he thinks that he is god and he cant take it coz someone els is saying that you arnt. so just stop the arguing crap ok. yes and i know i cant spell so dont reply some trach about that. OK :@ got that?!?!

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