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Default Re: Would i be able to upgrade a old laptop into a better one.

It's true you can upgrade CPU, RAM, and HDD. But other than CPU and maybe RAM, he won't get much improvement. The part that counts the most is the hardest to upgrade. The GPU. So instead of investing on this, I would just sell it and buy a new one.

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Default Re: Would i be able to upgrade a old laptop into a better one.


Simply give us the model number of your Compaq notebook PC, and we'll research and get back to you on what is upgradeable, and what to upgrade to. However, do not expect to be able to upgrade much more than RAM Memory and your Hard Drive, and even then, there will be limits making it impractical (spending $50 for very old RAM memory from 256MB to 512MB is not worth it).

In all honesty, simply getting a new laptop is the best idea. The one problem with laptops is that only laptops designed for high-end use (which go for thousands and thousands of dollars) can keep up with the rapid technological progress we've been making in the computer industry, and even those have their limits. This explains why most people on this site and most computer enthusiasts in general all have at least one desktop setup, because those are cheaper, offer more reliability and stability, are in contrast, very upgradeable, and also very easy to upgrade and customize.

Post your model number, we'll worry about the specifications.
Good luck, Padawan

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