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Default Is it worth partitioning XP for this?

First of all sorry for posting if this has been covered before. I wasnt able to search well due to the 4 character limitation in the search bar.

I've been taking some computer classes at school and one of my instructors suggested that for windows xp to first set up two partitions.

Then on the logical partition to install or copy the install files from the xp install disk so that if something happens to the c drive you can just reformat and reinstall from the other partition.

I'm not sure if I understood my instructor correctly so if the above idea would not work please correct me.

What I would like to know is, would this be a good idea or is there a much better method for setting a quick install backup.

If this is a reasonable idea could someone explain what files I should copy off the install disk. Should I literally copy the entire disk to the other partition. I'm under the belief that directly copying a disk to hard drive wont always allow it to run the same way as it would on the disk so I'm not sure if that's an option.

Thanks to anyone that can help and many details would be much appreciated. I'm just learning at this stuff so theres a lot I still dont know so any additional details anyone can add will only serve to inform me better.

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Default Re: Is it worth partitioning XP for this?

Yes, thats a very good idea i go the same. What i did to be safe is copy all the disk, every file onto the partition and it does speed up installation. i have never installed under a partition and i hope i never have to because that would mean my Windows had a problem but it must be faster!

You have to remember a few things when you want to install off the partition you must change your 1st Boot to that partition. Then if you reinstall Windows XP don't format the partition with the Disk on not too sure if you can but its safe not to try.

Any more questions ...

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Default Just pointing out...

If you partition any physical drive in to several logical drives, keep in mind, if you suffer a physical drive failure, you have lost all logical drives.
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