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Default Worst Computer Experiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok before i tell you this tragic story you need some background information. 1st my work offers a program call "TAP" what this does is insure you that if anything goes wrong with your product you can bring it back and get a new one. If that certain product is no longer made they will give you the one that took its place. Ok 2nd... So about a 6 months ago or so i decided to upgrade my computer. So i bought an Abit VT7 board and a Intel Socket 478 2.4Ghz CPU. I bought that board because it still used AGP (dident want to buy a new video card) It used DDR400 in Dual Chan (mine only took PC2100 in Singel) and it had SATA onboard (i planed on upgrading my 40GB system drive to a SATA drive.)

Ok so for x-mass i finily got a 300GB SATA drive to replace my 40gb. So when i went to go install it i found out that the SATA controllers did not work. The whole reason i bought the board and the SATA controlers dident work. So after about 3 hours of trying to rule everything out and get it to work, i decided to just take it back and get a new one (since i had TAP) And while i was at it i might as well upgrade my CPU (since i had TAP on that as well i would just say it is broken since it really wasent but they dont test it) So i go down there the next day. And the board that i have is no longer made so i has to get a Gigabyte one (only Socket 478 we had with the same specs.) And the Intel 3.0Ghz with Hyper Threading. I take that home install the SATA drive go into the bios the bios see the drive (dident happen with the other board) then i change the boot order to CDROM. Start it up it boots from the Windows CD (wasent even doing that on the last board) follow the instudtions etc etc. Then windows starts formatting the drive. It takes awhille on a 300gb etc etc. The formatting gets to 77% and then it freezes. So i had to reset the computer and when i did that nothing came up anymore not the Bios nothing. So we spend an hour trying to figuar that out. Jump the bios put in a different video card take it all out put it all back in. Nothing worked so i take the board back the next day and get another one of the same board. Take that home do everything over again. This time it dident even get to teh formatting before it froze and did the samething, Take it back the next day and get another one, This time we installed Wndoes on my dads comnputer and then just put the drive in mine. That worked. So then i go to insall my old system drive to take the info i needed from it to the new drive. Well its not reachable i get a "Unexcessable boot drivce" Well fuck because it had all my "My Documents" So we had to reformat that drive. Then we go and instal the old storage drive. Well Windoes cant see that drive. (Windoes see it in the bios and it see it in the device manager but not in Windows explore so i cant get any of the files off of it) So i try everything put it in my computer with XP my dads with XP and my dads old one wih 2000 nothing worked. I took it to my tech shop at my work they couldent do anything either, They gave me a number to a place called Driver Savers but tehy change $2400 but they gave me a number to a place called Nation Wide Data Recovery and they only charge $99 if they dont have to open the drive up. Then one of the tech guys gave me a program called "Easy Recovery Pro by Ontrack" So i am running that now because i just finished instaling all my old programs. So far it has found 1300 files but it is not done yet. So i will let you guys know how well it works if it dose not work then i have to send it the Nationwide place. Pretty shitty huh.
Motherboard - ASUS P4P800 SE / Intel P4 3.0Ghz @ 3.6Ghz w/ HT 800Mhz FSB @ 960Mhz
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GPU - PNY GeForce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 (500mhz Core @ 550mhz / 900mhz @ 1000mhz memory)
Sound Card - Creative Labs Audigy 2 Value
Harddrives - Seagate 300GB SATA150 / WD 120gb 3DMark03 Score- 8685 3DMark05 Score - 3392 AquaMark3 Score - 52,275
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