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Originally Posted by palladin the II
First, AMD dual core is not really relevant in today's market. It was developed b/c they hit a wall and couldnt go to penitum 5 speed because of heating issues. Second, if you want BLAZING speed, go with a Pentium 4..around 3.4/3.6 ghz...trust me, it blazes.....dual core is good if you have like 5 things opened at once. the second core is idle most of the time....

second, as far as LCD monitors, not even an LG 20 inch has as much color and brightness as a proprietary crt, it just looks better.....if you go LCD, the only way to go would be a SONY XBRITE or NEC....have you all not noticed how dark lcd screen's are compared to crt's....i feel like most of you, although you THINK you know what your doing have all fallen into the MOTO Razor trap...figure it out. im out.

so where do we get these pentium 5's from? Blazing speed with a p4? Well yes, speed as in clock speed, but as in game performance amd's are so much better. And games will take advantage of the dual core processing in the very close future. FEAR takes advantage of it, and I gues that many other games will follow soon.

and about the lcd's.

I have a 21" crt. I'd prefer a 19" lcd, if u'd go to friends house and lan parties so would u. This monster weighs ALOT. It's not easy to carry it around, trust me. As far as the performance goes, lcd screens have a good enough picture quality. Acer and Sony make great lcd's which are also quite good for gaming. Also there has been released an lcd monitor which has a 3ms response time, that is about the same as most of the crt monitors.

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If you read my post carefully, I never said their was a pentium 5. I said exactly the opposite--that they never could make one with todays technology because of the heat issue and the price of a potential desktop with sufficient cooling mechanisms.

Also, i never said Intel was better than AMD per se. What i meant to say was, which must've gotten "clouded" in my other rantings, is that an Intel pentium 4 3.4 GHZ totally outperforms a dual core AMD at 2.0 or 2.2 ghz....yes, maybe in the future this will change, but until the dual cores can reach speeds of the pentium 4 single cores....fuggedubowdit!

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Please use whatever CPU and other hardware suits your needs, or else whatever you prefer. Knocking 7 bells out of each other's preferences is not constructive at all.

Each person has their own reasons for preferring one over the other, and even if one CPU is "better" than another, then certain people may have reasons as to why they don't want to change it.

Master of common sense. If you don't like it, stop reading.
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