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Default Wooohooo lol running on a 4gb hdd here and gateway 2000 lmao

OH man this is the most like ghetto thing ever but it may be the only way i can save myself. So my mom has this extremely old computer apparently it was supposed to be all nice and whatever but apparently not as it says it has a 40k ram? lol and a few expansions with label M? like 20m expansion ram... yeah... its amazing it even works here. Anyways its strange how it works i boot in as Gateway 2000 then windows xp home edition version like 1998-2001 or something like that takes over. So im really confused here... but anyways the whole point to this was that i am going to add my 20gb Barracuda ATA IV harddrive numbers are ST320011A can someone tell me whats so special about this hard drive as i looked it up and it costs 51 dollars for only 20gbs space... thats quite a bit when i saw a terabyte hard drive for 80... Also the fan has appeared to have died so i took a motor from a servo like hitec 55 or something and attached a little prop to it, thats keepin me cool lol its attached to a charger for now.. but yeah this is so old, and i would think that it has alot of ram as it has like 3 ram look a like chips... they are like 1in by 6-8in? covered in PIC microprocessors i think... oh i guess the computer is gateway 2000 but yeah so i guess after i fix this up abit more im going to see if i can run this hard drive and fix my second hard drive... run the second as a slave and scan the crap out of it.

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Default Re: Wooohooo lol running on a 4gb hdd here and gateway 2000 lmao

O yeah. I remember that one. I have one in my closet. I don't even remember where I got it, but it weighs a TON.

Mine has so little RAM, I couldn't find an OS that would run on it. Why would you want to do anything with it?
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