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Default In The Woods For A New Notebook

So I am in the woods for a new notebook. I have been looking online, and went down to the local computer shop for ideas on what I should get. My needs of course. I would like to play some games on mine. Such as Counter Strike, Guildwars, and some others, that I will find down the road. I would like the luxury of being able to play any game that I would like, maybe not the highest end games, but pretty close. To also be able to get a good signal if I happen to be out at a friends house, or doing something else.

Here are some of the computers I have been looking at. Not the best, but I think would suit my needs being a student, and involved in other things besides computers.

LG E500-GP01A9
Price: $1399 CND
The down there, if I can remeber, said that it would be able to run the games that I wanted, that it would be a good fit for me. Plus, if anything went wrong with it, LG is located in Vancouver, so it wouldn't be that far for me to ship it off too. Plus, I would get some free add-ons with it. Such as virus protection and 1 Year MCS/Manufacturer Warranty. And I really like the wireless b/g with Quad-band Antenna, the guy down at the shop said that it will pick up a signal almost anywhere, and will be nice and strong.


Alienware Area-51 M5550
Price: $1060 + Shipping CND
I have heard good things about Alienware and all of their computers. My only problem with them is that its a company in the States, so it would be a problem if something went wrong with it, and would have to wait a couple of weeks for it to come back. If I wanted to take it to the shop here, that would cost a pretty penny, and I would rather just get it under the warrenty.


Dell XPS M1330
Price: $1,379 + Shipping CND
The computer company is a Canadian one, but I am not sure where. Otherwise, I think the computer looks pretty strong, the one factor I don't like about it is the 13 inch screen, and all of the other computer look to have about the same parts.

What I would like to know is:

1) What Computer Has The Best Componets.
2) What Computer(s) Can Run The Most Games.
3) What One Would Suit a Student For Playing Games/Doing Homework. (Good Multi tasker.)
4) What Are The Chances Of Something Going Wrong?

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Default Re: In The Woods For A New Notebook

I didn't know LG even make laptops . But Dell and Alienware are the same company so either one is good.

Alienware is suppose to be a complement to Dell's own line of high-performance computers designed for gaming enthusiast and media content customers like yourself. In addition to offering high quality, high performance laptops and desktop PCs, Alienware has a tremendous brand appeal with consumers and creative business professionals. General costs may see Alienware being more expensive than the actual Dell PC, but it's branded as a powerhouse computing system.

I should add that Alienware continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell, maintaining its own brand, product development, marketing, sales, technical support and other operations. The management and founders of Alienware will continue to operate the company as a standalone unit instead of integrating Dell and Alienware together.
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