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Angry Won't pass POST test, and its not that RAM

This is to consolidate an ongoing discussion (and to redirect it):

I came back from Christmas vacation last night and tried to check my email....

Unfortunately my computer won't boot and I'm at a loss at what to do next. I've had the computer since Jan 2003. I've had some problems lately bluescreening infrequently...but nothing this serious before.

It does not pass the POST test (no Beep), all that happens is the fans go on, the power light is on, and any drive lights are on, the numlock key can toggle. The monitor is connected but powers down (because no signal is sent).
  • I've disconnected any pci cards
  • I've removed power & cables from the optical drives
  • I've removed power & cables from the hard drive

That leaves either faulty Ram, bad CPU or bad motherboard. So,
  • I've removed the ram completely - no POST
  • I've purchased new RAM and tried it as well
  • I've powered on with the CPU and RAM removed
  • I've reseated the CPU and reapplied thermal compound
I believe that it can POST with only the CPU and motherboard. But, unfortunately, it isn't. Is there any way to distinguish which is the problem (CPU/Mobo)?

Please post any other ideas before I order a new CPU....

Here's my specs:
MSI Motherboard (VIA Chipset)
AMD Athlon XP 2100 (1.67 Ghz)
512 MB Ram (removed)

---Also, if you have any recommendations on a Socket A motherboard, post away! (w/ all onboard sound, video, usb 2.0, firewire)

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Default Re: Won't pass POST test, and its not that RAM

Any problems with the AGP, when I have had a duff graphics card I have had similar results. And also you will need to re enter your RAM.

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Default Re: Won't pass POST test, and its not that RAM

I had a problem like this one time, try cleaning off your video card, take a pencil eraser and rub it on the contacts at the bottom both sides, just be careful not to get eraser crap all over the card. then reinstall the card and see what happens, if that doesn't work, your vid card is probably bad
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