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Default Wireless connection issues

ok, i have been having this problem for a couple of weeks now, and i have contacted their email support twice and both times got pretty much the same thing back and im waiting for a response to my third email.

when i am playing WoW when ever i go into a certain area southshore for me if anyone plays the game. Well after i enter the area about 30seconds to a minute later my whole internet will kick out in the house and i cant even ping my router, its to the point were i have to power cycle my whole modem and router. After that i can log back on and it does the same thing, but if i log on to my other char on the same server everything is fine, and i can be at the same town southshore and other cities for long periods of time and its fine, so i am thinking now it cant be something wrong with me setup. But i have also checked logging on to my char on my other computer and it starts loading for a big and then it blue screened me and im like WTF, so i rebooted and i never tried again. But my router firmware is up to date and so with my wireless card drivers.

so i got to thinking about using tracert (not sure if that is spelled rite) and i did it when i was just normally surfing the web and my average ping or time was around 90ms, and i was like ok that is good. but i logged on to wow and i did this, and logged in as my main char, and i was disconnected and i looked at the file, and up to the point of me logging in i was at or around 90ms but after that the rest 20 or so were all time out errors, so there is a connection issue. I have deleted the files that the support center has told me several times.

but here are the specs to everything :

my main system:
See my sig(lol)
my wireless card is a WGT113 v2, supports up to 108Mbps but in vista its can only go to 54Mbps.
Alsoi minus the graphics card, im not getting that till tomm

my second system:
OS:Xp home
CPU: P4 2.53
HDD:100gig ide
Graphics: 6200 GeForce
RAM: 1.5GB of DDR400


Roadrunner buisness class

that is pretty much it.
Core I7 920 OC'ed to 3.0Ghz, 6GB G.skill DDR3 1333, Intel DX58SO, 500GB seagate 7200RPM + 320GB seagate, EVGA 9800GTX+ , 600W PSU.
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