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Old 04-03-2007, 10:40 AM   #31
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Default Re: Windows Vista, uses way too much RAM!!!

The only issue I'm having with vista is incompatibility with my X-Fi sound card. It doesn't accept a digital output so its pretty much useless until they get a driver update for it. I really can't understand why people are hating on vista. Its not up to Microsoft to make drivers for every program or piece of hardware out there. Thats up to 3rd party companys to get there drivers in working order. It does upset me I've got a great soundcard that is pretty much useless in vista. Thats not microsofts problem though thats Creatives problem.

I can see some of your points about vista hogging resources. But when any of you buy a game do you try and use it with the minimum recommendations? Probally not and if you do are you expecting it to run at high fps with high graphic detail. NO your probally not. Anybody in this forum should no if you try and run software at minimum to recommend levels your not going to get the speed you want. If microsoft put on the label recommended 2 gigs of ram alot less people would make the purchase. (If they recommend 2gigs my current system would have 4gigs in it!) Smart on there part sure it will run on 1gig or even the minimum 512mb but you shouldn't complain because you really should have known your experience would be less then stellar.

Of course I'll still be running a dual boot setup until everything gets worked out. But they in there going in the right direction. 3-6 months from now the standard on most computers will probally jump to 2 gigs of ram with 1 gig on there lower end models unlike todays 1 gig standard 512 on lower models. Also they will probally implement a cheap intergrated DX10 into there setups. That may take a bit longer though. But how many vista ready machines are really being sold with DX10 cards in them???

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Default Re: Windows Vista, uses way too much RAM!!!

Originally Posted by Jenox
Yeah, 2GB of RAM is what you have. The whole point of this thread is that machines are being sold and marketed with 75% LESS memory then what they should have to run the OS stable and efficiently.

Vista IS a resource hog. Surly with the community all suggesting this then it must be true. The first time I myself used Vista I got a "Drive incompatibility with hardware, driver must end" or some relevant term. Although, the laptop I was using had a Core 2 Duo, 2GBs of DDR2 RAM, 80GB SATAII hard drive, X1300 mobility Radeon, yet, the hardware is "incompatible".
Vista never should have been designed at all. That and Microsoft projects it's next OS to be released within 2-4 years. So, happy spending $150-$300 on software that is buggy as hell, incompatible with a ton of software, incredibly demanding, and offers no real performance gains whatsoever.

But hey, if it runs fine for you then hell, I guess the other 95% of us are just wrong eh?
Lighten up buddy...........
I stated my opinions and experiences...........who the heck lit your fuse? Get over it ha?

Yes I have installed it on two different machines, one of which is 1 1/2 years old. They both work perfect..........not a single issue. Buggy as hell?........not in my experience.
You had a bad experience with it so it's a POS? Ha..........maybe it was an operator issue, no?

Marketing and selling machines that aren't up to the task isn't Microsoft's problem..........and you can't blame Vista for errors caused by hardware that isn't up to par. It's been well published what's needed to operate this OS........if you don't ante up then don't sit and complain.

BTW - Who said I paid a cent for the software? Assuming things now aren't we?
Two legitimate license for free..................using Vista Home premium and lovin' it!

Take a chill pill will ya...........

White Bear Lake, Minnesota
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Default Re: Windows Vista, uses way too much RAM!!!

Originally Posted by muz379
yeah , and on dells site , windows xp pro is an upgrade above vista , i realy think they tried soo hard to make it look good , that they forgot about how much ram people have in thheir computers , i think microsoft thinks everyone has 4gb ram as standard yet i knnonw lots of people that only have 512mb , myself included , personally unless you realy want vista for dx 10 which has no games for it yet anyway i realy wouldnt bother i wouldnt even bother if you have devices like cameras printers or scanners cos it aint gonna happen . cos at the moment vista is prolly gonna make you r computer run worse than under windows xp
microsoft doesnt think 4g is standard. no way. u can only fully use 4 gb ram on a 64 bit os.

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