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Default Windows Updater Causing Problems (WinXp SP2)

Just got a new computer, a pretty beefy gaming machine.

AMD 64 3700+
2 gigs Corsair XMS Ram
GeForce 6800GT
120 gig Maxtor HD
EVGA Nforce 4 Motherboard

I bought it premade with Window XP Service Pack 2 already installed.

First thing i did was install anti-virus software - Syamntec Antivirus Corporate Edition ver 8.1

Then i ran the windows update, first it installed the windows updater program, then i installed all the critical updates. Then i installed a few of the optional ones like Windows Media Player 10 update, .NET Framework, ect.

It booted fine for a while, but then it just would freeze at the Windows Loading screen, the loading bar that usually keeps moving would just stop.
So i called tech support and they had me run the Windows Repair CD, which fixed the problem. It booted fine and i noticed it had uninstalled all windows upates.

I didnt install any updates for a 4-5 days after just to see if it kept booting fine, and it did. So this time i installed only the critical updates, and now my computer is acting funny again. This happened last time, first Symantec anti-virus would act wierd, then all other programs were getting strange errors. Eventually it stopped booting like i said earlier.

Right now it's still booting, but i'm certain it will stop booting in a few days or less. Right now Symantec for some reason will not enable the Real Time Protection, whenever i enable it it immediately turns it off...this didnt happen before i installed any windows updates. Now it seems my Windows Media Player is not working, it will not play any video files and gets an error saying "Invalid Access to Memory Location", watever that means.

What is going on? is this a common problem? Why are windows updates messing up Windows XP?

Update: i was browsing the add/remove programs list and saw the .net framework 2.0, it must of installed when i ran windows updates. I just uninstalled it and everything seems to be normal again. Could that have been the problem?
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