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Default Windows Probelm / HELP DVD DRIVE

This will be kind of lenghty but I will make brief as possible.

I have a Dell 9100 Laptop with a CD/DVD RW drive by LG and recently I have got a 80Gb 7200 rpm drive. I upgraded from the 40Gb drive, in doing so when I pulled my laptop out of my bag the cd-rom fell out of it and hit the ground from about a foot. I put it back in with the new hard drive, and loaded windows fine and a lot of my other programs from CDs. DVD's play fine and it seems like everything works great.

Here is the probelm now. When I try to install programs from multiple disks like World of Warcraft my CD/DVD drive disappears out of windows completley. It looses track of it in device manager, no longer listed in my computer, just completely disappears. To troubleshoot my theory if it was maybe driver or hardware related, I put in my old 40Gb hard drive and it seems everything works fine. The only difference looking at driver profiles on my old install, it lists the CD ROM as an AVX SCSI device and also lists CD/DVD Lg drive. So i copied these drivers from my old windows install on the 40Gb and applied them to the new 80Gb drive. I'm still having the same problem.

The only thing that makes the drive come back is if I reboot. If I remove the drive from the machine when it disappears and put it back in nothing happens.
This is what makes me think it is more of a software related issue. The drive powers up fine when put back in and everything spins up fine.

Dell 9100 Running Windows XP SP2 all updates.
Dell chipset drivers & all other propriety drivers loaded same as old install.

Tests done.
Quake 4 DVD edition, Installed fine no probelms.
World Of Warcraft. 4 CD edition. Hangs up and fails, drive disappears.
Fallout 2 CD's. First attempt Fail after asking for second disk. Restarted and works fine.

I would figure if it was truely hardware related my windows install would have never happened.

Thanks for any help/ideas.

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Default Re: Windows Probelm / HELP DVD DRIVE

something new i found.

When i pulled the drive out this time after another install failed; I noticed it was very warm, almost hot. Sense my upgrade of my 80Gb 7200rpm drive which sits directly below my cd/dvd drive i was wondering if this could be causing additonal heat that is making it disappear from windows.

After letting the drive cool down and without rebooting, I put the drive back in and windows detected it immediately.

Can a drive shut it self off it is getting too hot? But that wouldn't make any sense because the CD still spins in the drive when it does loose association in windows. The green light stays on even on the drive like it is active.


Cannot duplicate letting drive cooldown and putting back in. Windows does not still recognize. I don't think it's a cooling probelm as I have setup a desk fan blowing directly on it. Pulled drive out and cold.

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Default Re: Windows Probelm / HELP DVD DRIVE

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