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Default Windows 7 showing more ram than installed?

Ok, when I had 2gb of ram installed, windows 7 was showing me that I had 4gb installed and 2gb usable. Figured maybe it was just showing me how much total I could add in, and since the usable amount was right, wasn't too worried about it.

Just upgraded to 4gb of ram now, but windows is showing I have 6gb installed and 3.25 available. Now the 3.25 makes sense to me as it's just capping out due to being 32bit, but showing me 6gb installed? I'm at a loss here. Just look for yourself...

My bios is showing me that 4gb is installed, so it seems to be an issue with windows, not my mobo. Not really sure what to do at this point though to fix this. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems right now, especially considering my ram scored a 7.1 on the "windows experience index", but want to make sure this won't end up causing issues later on. Suggestions?

ok, very confused now... i swapped around my ram and noticed that if i mix and match the ram, it seems like 2 of my ram cards are recognizing themselves as "2gb" each in windows, and the other 2 are recognized correctly as 1gb. in my bios however, the ram is coming up as 1gb each for all of them and also windows 7 is only able to use them as 1gb each. seems as if the 2 showing themselves in windows 7 as 2gb each were programmed incorrectly? confusing how my bios recognizes the correct amount for all of them, yet windows is reading 2 of them wrong?
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