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Old 09-12-2018, 07:12 AM   #11
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Default Re: Windows 10 Kills PC On Restart

In my experience, Win 10 is neither buggy nor slow. All of the computers in my house (8 at last count) are updated regularly and have only ever had one time where an update caused a problem on 1 machine, it could no longer access the network. In that case, I updated the NIC driver and was was well again.

I can't explain why some people have problems while the majority of others don't. I personally believe it is due to buggy drivers from hardware manufacturers.

I also install all of the latest Win 10 builds as soon as they come out and have never had a problem with one of them making it so the machine could no longer boot. In fact, I am currently installing build 17758.1 which is pretty close to the final version of the full update that will be released next month.

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Default Re: Windows 10 Kills PC On Restart

I never had issues like that. In my case, W10 has stopped booting many times after updates. Strangely, reinstalling the exact same version has solved the problems. I think it's AMD processors that are problematic.

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Default Re: Windows 10 Kills PC On Restart

Don't know about AMD processors doing it..Mine hasn't given me any trouble for awhile now. Updates go in and no issues with restarts. I did have issues with this computer when i first started using it but it seemed to smooth out and behave.
I have not seen any banners about using Microsoft edge yet. I still use Google Chrome so maybe Chrome stopped them...Guess. Seems all in all, 10 is getting to be like w7 more and more. Yeah, i know...Calm before the storm!

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