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Default Win32

Okay I dont know too much about computers, I mean i can format if i have to and maybe even build one, but i wouldnt try it yet, im still learning.

I just had a comp built for me, my cousin made it for me and he installed everything

so far he installed windows xp
zone alarm security suite
ad-aware pro

He told me to download the windows service pack 1
So i did last night, I left it on to download, i woke up and shutdown the computer

So today when i woke up, I turned the computer on and it took a while, he said it would since i downloaded the service pack, but when it started, it said something alongs the lines of "the file or folder win32 is corrupted, please run chksomething," i ran what it was (cant remember and im at work so i cant check) and it scanned or whatever but it went fast so i couldnt read it, anyway thats the message i got, it wasnt a big error message, just at the bottom right where it usually says if i had new harware or whatnot and i also got an error message for zone alarm, it said the firewall.zap had a problem, but thats the only thing that doesnt work, everything else does.

I called my cousin and he said that my windows directory is coruppted but he couldnt explain much more because he had to leave and hes gonna be gone for a week

anyone know what the problem is, how it happened, and how i can fix it

im reluctant to reinstall becaue even though i could get a copy for a bootdisk and xp, i cant get all the programs he installed and all that

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Yep - leaving it on overnight is a dreadful idea without SP1 on.

Reformat it and reinstall. Set up you Windows Firewall from the beginning before you connect to the Internet! Then install SP1. Don't leave it - watch it every 5 minutes. When its finished its most vunerable and this is why your Windows was ruined when you left it - anything just roaming about the Internet can get in without Windows Firewall or SP1 and especially with one making even more wholes by being not installed fully and the other off.

Then install SP2 - and all will be fine. Then spend a while downloading every Recommended Update for Windows; to vital but good to have. And every Driver Update Recommended - then you can use your Computer as you would normally.

Either that or order Windows XP SP2 - then you won't have to do any updating at all.
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