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Old 09-10-2012, 11:15 AM   #1
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Default Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

I was thinking yesterday could laptops replace the desktop pc since hardware is getting smaller and more powerful what do u guys think ??

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Old 09-10-2012, 11:53 AM   #2
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

There have been "desktop replacement" laptops available for years. Many people have switched to laptops and away from desktops.

My work PC is a laptop that I have plugged in to a docking station and I have a mouse, keyboard and large screen monitor attached to it. If someone saw me working and didn't see the laptop sitting there they would think I was working on a desktop.

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Old 09-10-2012, 01:14 PM   #3
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

No question about it, in fact, I just purchased a new middle of the road laptop, $549.00 with an i5 3210M cpu and Intel HD 4000 graphics.

I installed a 256GB SSD, and for a total cost of $739.00, that laptop performs like many desktops.

If you'd like to see photos, benchmarks, specs, etc. on my notebook, you find my comments here The Thread just start with post number 213, and follow down through the thread. You'll see that this thing even games, at reasonable frame rates!
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Old 09-23-2012, 12:44 AM   #4
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

Yes. We are already in the process of migration for residentials and home networking. A central family computer a is thing of the past. We are migrating to everybody having individual personalized tablets and laptops that shared between family members for printing and home work and other various tasks that tablets are not capable yet.
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Old 09-23-2012, 01:29 AM   #5
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

I don't think that a tablet will replace a laptop, Until they can make a tablet that will be able to do the things that laptops do, But who knows..
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

There'll always be people who want more powerful machines.

The most powerful machines will always fit into a bigger space.
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Old 09-26-2012, 11:18 PM   #7
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

It will depend on the user. Simply put I will not now or ever go to a laptop. I just dont like them. They are too cramped for me and I like my space. My keyboard alone is larger than most laptops, even the 17" ones. So you will be hard pressed to get hard core people to switch to a laptop.

Then there are the extreme customizers. Those that love to be able to upgrade and change parts out when they are available. While it can be done with higher end laptops, it is still far more expensive to do on a laptop than a desktop. Getting a new top of the line laptop that allows you to change video cards is gonna cost you about $1,000. The video card will be about $100 more to get a laptop version than a desktop version. For that same amount of money, you could build a top of line desktop PC which would kick the laptops rear end in all aspects. So these people would be unlikely to switch.

Then there are others that like the ability to have abundant storage. I am also in this category. I have almost 4TB of space in my system now and 80% used up. I am looking to add another 2TB soon. I will be building a server soon to house most of my stuff to get it of my main desktop, but such a method isnt easy to accomplish with a laptop. I could go the NAS route, but then I wouldnt be able to stream my media to my gaming consoles. At least not with the ease that I have now. It doesnt matter the file type, I can play them all and use my PC to transcode them. While if I went the NAS route, I would have to convert the files to 2 different or 3 different formats. 1 for XBOX, 1 for PS3 and 1 to work on the Wii. Making storage even more difficult having to have 3 of every file to be able to be used on the devices I want.

So it only makes sense to just go with a desktop with 6-8 SATA connections to allow me to expand my storage. That way I can just put my digital copies on my HDD, stream them and have them work flawlessly. Instead of having to use software to convert them to a different format to work on various systems.

But not everyone has such demands. My wife made the switch to a laptop and hasnt looked back. The laptop does all that she wants and it is portable for her. So she was able to make the switch, mainly cause I have her connect to my desktop for things that she wants to do when it comes to streaming and storage.
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

As said by Junior777, it depends on what you prefer.

I personally would say no to this as when you want to upgrade certain components it much easier and cheaper to do it with a desktop rather than a laptop. As like i've done I have changed the case on mine which is simple on a computer as all you need to do is to take all the components out and put it in the new case.

It works out much better also if you are getting tired of your screen size on a laptop, as you can't replace it on a laptop you are better of getting a computer as you can easily buy a new screen. However you could just buy an external monitor for a laptop its just a minor inconvenience.

However, A laptop could be better if you need to get around a lot with your laptop. As laptops are much more portable and lighter it would be much easier to carry a laptop around with you, then a computer.

In conclusion it depends on what you prefer, and what you need it for. If you need it to be portable then get a laptop. If you want to upgrade it every so often then get a computer. In answer to the questions I would say no because people have a desktop or a laptop for different reasons like what has been raised.
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Old 10-02-2012, 12:17 AM   #9
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

I dont think so. Desktop will remain powerful.
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Default Re: Will a laptop ever replace the desktop pc ??

I agree with the person who said it is just what yo prefer. Keep upgrading with components is cheaper with a desktop. + A desktop is more static.. less problems if you compare it to a laptop. A laptop is practically not for gaming, its possible ofcourse, but thats not the main function.

So if I have to answer your question: No, a laptop can't replace a desktop. Depends on what do wanna do with it

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