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Default Wierd Humming/Buzzing Noises

So I recently built my first computer (3 Pronged Power Cord) consisting of the Intel I7-2600K Processor, the 570GTX Nvidia, an Asus P8Z68-V PRO motherboard, a HT-Omega Claro Plus Sound Card, an ABS Majesty series MJ1100-M 1100W Power supply (Gold Standard) all encompassed in a HAF 932 case. Now I have this computer hooked up to an AV Receiver (Marantz SR7005, 2 pronged power cord) via HDMI and Optical and Coaxial is possible which is hooked up to a JVC Projector (RS60).

As I boot up my computer and it comes to my desktop there is a constant humming noise and buzz at all times. I have noticed that things like opening my computer change the noise for a few seconds and that scrolling with my mouse also alters the noise. So far I have tried taking out my sound card out, different hdmi cables as well as audio cables, moving my video card to another slot, plugging my receiver and comp into the same outlet on the wall and none of this has fixed the issue at hand. The only change that has happened is that my computer and receiver were originally hooked up to a power surge box , but it still emitted the same noises. Now I have my computer hooked up directly to the wall and the humming and buzzing is quieter than before but it can still be heard.

At this point I am considering three things that may be the cause of this: My video card may be damaged (anytime an hdmi cable touches the video card anywhere, it doesn't even need to be plugged in the same noise is emitted through the speakers. There is some sort of ground loop problem(not really sure what this really means), or simply my power supply is faulty. I cannot think of any other reason that this is happening. But I am not nearly as experienced as you guys on these forums, so I come to you guys in need. Thank you spending time out of your day's to read this because it is quite lengthy (sorry).

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Default Re: Wierd Humming/Buzzing Noises

The wiring in the wall may not be able to handle the high current. I recommend buying a "Surge Suppressor: 360 Electrical 36083 Compact Rotating Surge Protector ". It is only $5 or so, and you can grab it from Menards, Walmart, etc. They call it protector, but it is actually a surpressor. Then, plug the surge protector that you have into the surge supressor.
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