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Old 02-07-2005, 10:58 PM   #11
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

I became a mac user to get away from worms and viruses. Why would I or any mac users want to create worms or viruses(other than the fun of seeing window users suffer). Plus most programers(you need to know programing to make a virus--well at least a good one) use Windows(because of DOS and some other programs).

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Old 02-07-2005, 11:07 PM   #12
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

meh, its either mac users, or dos lovers taht are scared of windows, or linux lovers

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Old 02-07-2005, 11:13 PM   #13
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

I've been using Windows all my life and only got hit one time with a virus a couple of years ago. That was the one where our computers keep rebooting due to the popup box that keeps saying your computer will be shutdown in 1 minute or something like that. Forgot the name but it was a worm. Major outbreak on that one, but it was totally my fault too. I didn't have an Antivirus or any kind of Internet protection at the time. No LiveUpdates or anything. Took a big risk and got BURNED!!

Learned my lesson and ever since that unfortunate event, I always use protection (Norton Internet Security). Never got screwed over another virus again. I did recently had one pass through, but the Antivirus program caught it and deleted it. No problems at all. Those sneaky little bastards.
*Fact: Microsoft Window's Blue Screen of Death vs Computerforums.org's White Screen of Death. Which is worse?
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Old 02-07-2005, 11:21 PM   #14
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

Have you all read the article? if you did what did you think about it?
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Old 02-08-2005, 05:43 AM   #15
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

I've never had spyware or virusses.
my family have had one virus once.
(the start up shutdown one)...
the trick was to hold the window key, press r then type shutdown -a which aborts the shutdown caused by the RPC error.
then download and install the patch that was available many months before the blaster worm.

I don't get spyware, and of my friends and collegues who do get spyware, I am usually able to remove it, (I remove it from friends PC's because it's just a nice thing to do) and I remove it at work because thats my job, -ensuring the smoooth running of what is turning into hundreds of windows workstations and servers (and linux ones)...

I read thae article. it's full of innacuracies.
windows didn't steal the OS interface from MAC Xerox was the first to truely implement a WIMP system.

resitalling windows is not a time consuming or constly job, and there is absoluitly no debugging involved! (In fact it would be illegal to debug windows softwar as this would require an amount of disassembally). Or perhaps it is when given to the authour of articles such as this simply because they know nothing about PCs

I dispute the claim
"the Mac OS architecture is much more robust, much more solid".
if this were true then why would OSX have been re-designed to run on a more stable unix style core rather than the traditional Mac made core?

again I dispute:
"I know Macs are (well, were) more expensive, even though they're really not, when you finally jam that ugly cheapass Dell with enough video cards and sound cards and disk burners to make it comparable to a Mac that comes with all of it, standard. "
Most macs actuallky have graphics cards that are substandard to their windows loving counterparts, (of the same price range).
If you are shopping for a budget PC you expect buget parts.
Macs are not budget PCs, but often do contain Budget parts, a PC of a simillar price tage to a Mac will massivly out-perform a mac (even with the clock cycle consuming firewall/antivirus/spyware scanning software that will eliminate any problems that are caused by spyware/virii/worms

the reason that his spam emails have nasty indecipherable attachments is simply because Macs don't run windows programs, so you see the indecipherable bits that are making up the file.
- you'd see roughly the same thing if you tried to open a mac program on a windows machine (with an email client)

so far as the idea that if you bought a car and half a mile down the road it just fell apart. the anaolgy is more like this
You buy a car, ad it runs fine.
you put new wheels on, then taken them off, then put new pistons in, and take them out.
you never change the cam belt.
you leave the doors unlocked and people take your car joy ridding and 'rag the shit' out of the engine.
finaally someone plants a bomb under your car...

When you take it back to the dealer and say, I undid every bolt and changed every part, at least three times, (stripping many bolts on the process leaving swarf in the engine) (this comparison referes to redundant regisrty entries left when installing an uninstalling programs, that slows down the PC)...
You then tell them you never locked your door, and someone stole your car and used it for illegal purposes, (but you feel it's their fault, -they should have made an unopenably door?)
you explain to them how you took it to iraq and left it on the streets for a bit, and someone blew you up simply because of your british/American number plate. (this annaolgy refers to the obvious dangers that are found should you wish to browse warez/porn sites)...

said car dealer will laught in your face, and (rightly) tell you to piss off and take better care of your own stuff...

So to summise, I read the article, and found that it's full of innacuracies, and shows a distinct lack of understanding of the ideas and problems faced in global It security.
And as for the mystery girl 'SO', the authour blindness to better alternative is obviously blinded by his love for macs (or mac stock portfolio) as he suggested that this person (who he seems to write is a freind) should go out and buy anexpensive Ibook, rather than chaging to Linux on their laptop. which would have been just as dramitic move.
would have ensured a good supply of free (and legal software)...
freedome from microsoft products (if you really don't like them don't use them).
the ability to buy an inexpensive machine. (though Sony VAIOs are hardly inexpensive anyway), a quick easy and cheap way to upgrade (unlike MACs proprietory, and hugely more expensive parts which can only be fitted by an autherised outlet.)
and immediate usability...

(i'll assume this is not exactly the reply you were looking for?)
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Old 02-08-2005, 09:33 AM   #16
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

if you use virus protection software and don't download stuff you don't know, then you won't have a problem with viruses, simple as that. you don't have to "put up with viruses", just take the proper precautions and you won't have a problem
When all else fails...Ham Radio!

I still have the same old HP DV9700T laptop I've had for years...still kickin'
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Old 02-08-2005, 04:36 PM   #17
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Default Re: Why do Window users put up with so many viruses and worms?

If everyone shifted to mac, then guess what?

Everyone will make viruses and worms for mac.


jk..... but seriosely its true.
Check it out, legit cash just from surveys.
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Old 02-09-2005, 08:48 AM   #18
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i have windows and i don't have to put up with viuses and worms and spyware etc.

most people who don't sit and look at porn all day don't have any spyware or anything. i haven't had spyware or viruses on any of my computers in like 6 months

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