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Old 05-13-2008, 10:15 AM   #1
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Default Whats Died?

system specs:

abit IP35
Q6600 CPU
8800GTS 512MB
4GB of Ram
OcZ 600W PSU
vista ultimate (32bit)

right what i did was put vista to sleep as i usually do but this time it went mental turning its self on and off till it eventually turned off completely,now since then its broke, when i turn the machine on everything runs (fans/cd drive/hard drive/graphics card/CPU/motherboard/PSU) but theres no display at all on the moniter, the moniter picks up that its connected to the video card but doesnt actually get any signal from it.

ive tested the graphics card in another rig and thats working perfectly fine, so it just leaves either the cpu/ram/motherboard whats died, but i havent been able to test them due to my other machine being to old to support them

ive had a friend of a friend look at the computer and he thinks its the cpu due to the fact it isnt beeping and because the computer doesnt POST or get to the bios, but from what i know the Q6600 has never beeped working or not...

ive posted on quite a few forums but people dont seem to understand i cant "restore to a earlyer time" or "go to the bios" after telling them the pc doesnt even post

so guys what are your thoughts on whats wrong with my computers hardware???

thanks a lot


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Default Re: Whats Died?

A bios error beep or post code error would help out. Not sure if the IP35 have a LCD post on the board or if they use beeps.

If it doesn't have a LCD on the board then it should beep so many times when you try turning it on.

My first guess would be check the memory. Pull all but one stick then try them all individually and see if it posts with any of them. If it posts with one then try the rest of the dimm slots. If it works in all dimms then you've got a bad memory module. Try the rest and the one that doesn't post is causing the problem.

Second guess would be the CPU or the board itself. You'd need another chip to test if its the CPU and another board to see if its the board.

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Default Re: Whats Died?

alright mate thanks for the reply

ive had the system around 5 months and never heard it beep once and i dont fully understand what you mean with the LCD Post, i know it has 2 L.E.D lights on 1 red to say power is going to the board and 1 green to say the system is turned on, which they both come on when i turn the system on

i tryed the memory stick suggestion but not to how youve explained to do it so ill try that when i get back to it

reason to this thread is because i dont want to be RMA'ing certain hardware back for it not to be faulty which leaves me with a fine charge from the retailer, so i need to be at least 90% sure its my CPU

thanks again
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