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Default Re: What's the best computer you ever had?

Originally Posted by dale View Post
My ThinkPad 240X. I used it 24/7 as server (HTTP and FTP) for more than 7 years. It was a beast! The keyboard actually died before the rest of it did.
may it's soul rest in peace XD
Lenovo is my favorite laptop brand, next in line is HP.

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Default Re: What's the best computer you ever had?

Originally Posted by EchoNatek View Post
very nice ^^
the 3d monitor on my computer is only used in some games. i just needed a new monitor, and i thought i would get a 3d monitor with lightboost from Nvidia.
i use the old 24 inch monitor as a second monitor. it's mostly tuned off, but i is nice to have.
Your 3D monitor sounds very cool. Some people complain about eyestrain with 3d which isn't an issue for me (considering I wear glasses). I know that manufacturers are working on eliminating the eyestrain problem and a 3D monitor is definitely in my future plans, but for now I'll go with a dual monitor when I get my new computer.

Is anyone using a wireless mouse?

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Default Re: What's the best computer you ever had?

The rig I've steadily built from scratch, over a period of a month or two.

Windows 7 - Ultimate Edition (32-bit)
K5-720B "Gaming Case" (red lighting theme)
One rear 80mm Arctic fan.
One front 100mm fan. (unknown brand)
Two side-panel Antec TriCool Red LED 120mm fans.
One base Syth 100mm fan. (disconnected until I can get a protector for it.)
3.25" front-placed Fan controller (3 lines and red fan-controller lighting knob)
STW-5002 LCD control panel. (set to red lighting, temperature readouts, 1 fan control, and various other information.)

PSU: Alpine 750w (20+4, 3 molex, one 6-pin, one FDD, 4 S-ATA, and one 4-pin)
Motherboard: ASUS 990FX
CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 OC @ 4.5GHz
(Max Fans: On-Load=42c Idle=4c)
(Minimal Fans: On-Load=52c Idle=8c
CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 13 (is absolutely amazing with this CPU)
(CPU Paste: Arctic Silver 5)
GPU: PNY 550Ti 1GB DDR3 V-RAM (OC @ 950,1900,2120)
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 @1600MHz (Corsair)
Optical Drive: A total mystery, here, but it's a decent DVD/CD-RW drive.
HDD 1: 1TB S-ATA (internal)
HDD 2: 80GB S-ATA (internal)
HDD 3: 1TB S-ATA (external)
HDD 4: 500GB S-ATA (external, and not used)

Keyboard: Logitech K300 Compact (black)
Mouse: iTrust GXT 32s Gaming Mouse (black 'n red)
Mouse Mat: SteelSeries Surface QcK (black)
Monitor: 24" LCD widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 2030 (black)
Speakers: N/A (I use high quality headphones at all times)

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