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Default Re: What should I upgrade?

Yeah, no ones mentioned thoguh that BFG cards come pre-overclocked so the card is already when bought, better than the card by another company, and this can usually be pushed even more.

I wouldn't bother changing the processor its good enough

"Well I would switch over to AMD 64. Your processor is 32-bit. I would recommend getting a 64-bit AMD processor, though that would require getting a new motherboard."

You wouldn't be getting 64bit computing yet anyway since the 64bit widnows os has only just come out, and only a few if any programs support 64bit as of yet, so this wouldn't really be an idle change as of now, though in the next few years, it'd probably become more useful as more programs/games support the new function. but no difference would be seen yet

I hope this helps

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Default Re: What should I upgrade?

Umm, kage... you aren't looking towards the future. The 64-bit revolution is just on the horizon. Yes 32-bit programs will be out, but look at the facts. Even the AMD 64 is better at 32-bit applications and games then Intel. It is faster in that regard.

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Old 07-03-2005, 07:03 PM   #13
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Default Re: What should I upgrade?

I've never overclocked before. I heard EVGA cards are just as good to overclock, it's just that BFG comes preclocked but with a lifetime warranty.

I have a Intel Pentium Prescott 2.8GHZ. I think it'd be a little crazy overclocking this one, it's already hot enough as it is! Cooling would compensate for this, but than again, I don't know anything about sufficient cooling.

At one point when my PC broke down, I actually thought of selling my Intel parts and moving onto AMD, but everything worked out fine. The only barriers stoping me from moving onto AMD is that I don't know that much about AMD--you know, I'm stuck to using Intel terms i.e. their GHZs--and the question of if my other parts are compatible with an AMD motherboard.
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Default Re: What should I upgrade?

The processor's fine. Beef up the video card to a geforce 6600GT or higher.

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