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Default Re: What should I set my Vcore to to decrease temps?

Originally Posted by freestyler105 View Post
What are the temps? Even when I've got my E6600 at 3.9 GHz, the highest I've ever gotten it, it doesn't the reach max temperature of 65*C. The thing holding me back is the motherboard or RAM as far as I can tell. Then again, I think I got a really good chip.
I'd say you got a really good chip. What revision are you using? You got yours a while back so your probally on a b3 like me. Its still really hot so I have not got the chance to make anything above 3525mhz stable. I've booted and run 3.6ghz with a 1.525Vcore but it only lasts 5 mins in orthos. I know if I bump it up a few steps it would be stable but temps will climb to high with the current ambients.

Thelis you can't just lower your Vcore dramatically. You'll need it to make your cpu stable. Heres how I did my overclock stepping.

First step I set it at 1.35Vcore the stock Vcore for the chip. Then I went in 100mhz FSB steps then ran orthos for 1 hour. You should note increasing the FSB will not increase your cpu temps what increases the temps is increasing the Vcore. You should be able to get to 2900-3000mhz on a 1.35Vcore.

Whenever you hit a wall step it up again. I went to 1.375Vcore. Then I stepped the FSB in 50mhz steps. After I hit a wall i'll step the Vcore up to say 1.4Vcore. Then run the last setting and make sure its stable.

Then I move in 25Mhz FSB because by now your only going maybe 50mhz then your going to need more Vcore.

Just keep a notepad with what settings work and were it errors at what Vcore and settings. This will help you keep your Vcore as low as possible. Also the FSB Vcore etc are very important as well.

This is my summer setup with my E6600 (Ambient temps 90F)
Vcore: 1.4125
FSB: 1467-1.45V
Mem: 2.1V
Nforce MCP 1.475 V
NforceSPP 1.45 V
SPP-MCP 1.25 V

That works out to 3300Mhz and that left me at 67C after 3hrs of orthos! By comparison since its cooler right now i'm idling this clock at 33C with load temps around 50C. But it will warm up so I just play it safe still pretty cool today. Although like I said in games your temps will never get as hot as they do in Orthos. I ran BF2142 yesterday maxed with 8xAA and never climbed above 51C with a 90F ambient temp.

Highest settings i've run 100% stable were a 3525mhz clock with the following settings.

Vcore 1.51875
FSB: 1567- 1.525V
Mem: 2.1V
Nforce MCP 1.525 V
NforceSPP 1.45 V
SPP-MCP 1.25 V

That is 100% stable as well. This was done with lower ambient temps around 70F so my after a few hours of orthos I was getting high 50's spikes @ like 61C

I know I can make it stable at probally 3700mhz maybe 3800mhz but I gotta wait till it cools off to get there.

Also I hope you did the Hot Fix for the Evga 680I. If not your MCP is going to run really hot and you run the risk of frying your board. This is why so many were frying there boards. Here was a review I wrote on how to do it. That should insure your board will run nice and cool with high MCP voltage which you'll need to help make everything stable.


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Default Re: What should I set my Vcore to to decrease temps?

Yeah, I probably did. I've got my computer in my basement now, and it's really cool down here, so that helps too.

Anyway, my VCore is at 1.55 (which is probably dangerously high already). If I try to set it to 1.575, it's unstable. But temps stay pretty good at 1.55, so I'm not really worried about it.

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