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Default What makes a good gaming computer?

Hey, basically, I haven't been keeping up with computer lingo recently, as a kid I remember I used to think 'good ram', 'good cpu', and a 'good graphics card' was all there was to having an awesome computer.

But ever since I haven't had any money(I'm studying at uni and only have a part time job), I have found that I haven't needed to buy computer components and haven't really kept up to date of how to make a good computer. I am leaving uni next year and am probably going to get a fairly highly paying job in the IT industry (yes, I have spent 4 years at uni studying computers and I have little knowledge of the hardware side of computers), thus I am going to want to buy a mega good computer.

What am I looking for when buying a new computer? (I prefer to make it myself, I enjoy doing stuff like that).

For gaming, do I need a good CPU, good/lots of ram/good graphics card?

If I were to buy better products would I need to back it up with more power? (Does more power generally mean better results?)

Does the motherboard speed factor into it much?? (I know the main function of a motherboard is to interlink different component together, so I would of just assumed that bus speed would be a highly regarded factor)

Hard Drive would be pretty insignificant I would have thought in terms of running speed but I may be wrong.

Sorry for lots of questions, to be honest even a link to somewhere where I can get the information from would be helpful.

PS.(I actually do know what RAM, CPU, and graphics cards do, I just kinda want to know that the most important parts of them are)

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