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Default What hard drive is faster?

Okay, so from a previous thread you may have noticed my hard drive buggered up and have now replaced it.

To my surprise, my old hard drive was not a Sata II, which I thought it was. It was in fact a 10,000rpm Western Digital (which still has its warranty!).

I'd just like to ask, which one is faster? Because I think after reinstalling Vista it takes longer to load after I've entered my password in with my new Sata II which I didn't expect at all.

Also on Windows rating system (not that it's major) it rated my 10k rpm drive at 5.9 and now it's rating my new one at 5.6!

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: What hard drive is faster?

The Windows rating system is skewed. I wouldn't use it as a judge of HDD speed in it's entirety.

The 74GB WD Raptors are actually far slower than the modern drives of today - even the new 300GB VelociRaptor drives can't hold a candle to some of the 7200 RPM 1TB drives in many cases.

You didn't specify which hard drive you bought or replaced - are you just getting a replacement WD Raptor or did you get another one? You didn't reference the other thread...

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Default Re: What hard drive is faster?

the one with the more RPM speed is usually the faster one.
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