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Default Re: What is bottlenecking my performance?

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
1> My Intel 4000 graphics works just fine.
2> HTPC works to prevent putting a recording device between the vid source and the monitor. It has no adverse effect on how it performs.
3> Where the heck did you see that info? Links or it ain't so.
You can play bioshock infinite on HD 4000 graphics? Is your resolution really small? I guess the OP should answer this too. If it's like 1366x768 or something, then I could see it being somewhat playable at very low (but not smooth), but I can't imagine it running at 1080p.

HTPC = Home theater PC. The card isn't really a gaming card, it's more appropriate for video playback. As said before, you're thinking of HDCP, which is something completely different.

I checked performance on passmark's video card benchmark. the GT 610 gets 342, while the HD 4000 is 475. So it's a fair bit slower than the intel graphics.

EDIT: Just saw your edit. Ha, it's okay.

Another edit. Just found this chart of the intel HD 4000 performance. Idk why they drew the playable line so low, since 21 fps definitely will look horrible, and 30 is generally considered to be the edge of being playable.

Based on this, I think it's safe to say the OP's video card is definitely the issue, since it's a good 25% slower than these benches.

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