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Default Web Design and Hosting

Hello Computerforums!

First off, I'm eager to join this community and share the knowledge I have gained over the few meager years I've had with computers. :]

But I would like something of you first, if it's not too much to ask.

Backstory: A friend of mine and myself have been recently talking, and expressing our joy of designing websites. Many have noticed our talent in this area, and have expressed desire for us to build them websites, or at the least to expend and create a business off of it. We have decided to do so.

As I have little business experience in this area, I thought I'd consult with you all before making any moves.

Our target audience would be local businesses that are seeking to develop some sort of web presence. We will charge to begin with about 200 dollars per site(After a portfolio is built, we will begin to raise the price). We will handle all the technical stuff for them, from design to hosting. I have experience with both design, shared hosting, and running my own web server, and from all experiences, I elect for us to run our own web server, and will charge an extra fee per month for hosting. We seek to gain most profit from developing the websites, with hosting to sustain a steady income.

What is your feedback on my plans? Any suggestions? Tips or hints? Resources(linkage!)? If you'd like any more details on our idea, feel free to tell me what you need to know to assist.

Your help is much appreciated, thank you!

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Default Re: Web Design and Hosting

I Wouldnt charge them by the site,E.g a customer might want a 200 page site,whereas another would maybe want a 5 page site.I Think you should charge by the Page.

Also some demo websites would be good so they can see what you are capable of.

At the moment im trying to start a computer businesss so i know how hard starting a business is,I wish you the best of luck in your venture.

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Default Re: Web Design and Hosting

i was thinking about doing something like this. its a good idea. that pretty much covers it all ^ just make a website, with some demos, prices, contact details, etc. also make some sort of portfolio with the same kind of information that you can show the businesses instead of just giving them a web link. they would appreciate the in's and out's on a bit of paper instead of you approaching them with a web site link. oh yea charging by the page is a good idea. or just charge each person differently depending on what they want, eg: a 20 page html website, or a flash website, but still offer some sort of base price
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Default Re: Web Design and Hosting


that's a source or work.

good luck
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Default Re: Web Design and Hosting

$200?? I charge $50.

Look at WebPage Maker v2, its a really nice app.
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