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Default Watercooling ?'s

Alright so ive had my layout and products picked out for awhile now and i actually officially started tonight when i ordered instore pickup at microcenter for a cpu waterblock and reservoir. Heres the prices ive managed to hunt down on everything.

Dangerden TDX Waterblock, socket 478 - $11 ...i need to make a custom 775 backplate or w\e, psh i can handle it

370 - 480 gph pump - $20 - $25 havent decided yet later to be discused

Reservoir - $12

Swiftech Dual 120mm Rad - around $30

AquaXtreme Mp-1 Vga Waterblock - $27 or not who knows

Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Waterblock - $25

Tubes, Clamps, Coolant... - dunno but not to much

Alright for the questions...first off, will a dual 120mm rad be good enough for a 2-3 waterblock system...i dont know if space will allow for bigger. How will the TDX perform on a Q9400? How will the TDX perform versus nexxxos hp? And the pump... do i really need 480 gph (1.8k liters) or is 370 fine. If i wer to get the 480 what would be the performance increase? Does any one have some 4850 volt mod instructions cuz a waterblock would be worth it if not. Opinions on chipset (NB) watercooling, i heard somewhere that it was a big no and thats stuck in my head... plz tell me if im wrong. And finally how would overall performance look with this setup compared to my xigmatek? Predictions on a new stable cpu oc? Keep in mind i gotta stay cheap with this so dont recommend super expensive replacents. Sorry i no this is waaaaaaay to many questions but if you could answer just like one per person :P thatd be great. Ill post pics wen im done if ne one'd like, itll all be done early april.

Please post even a flame would be appreciated hell i might learn somethin.

hmm not very responsive... guess ill post sum were else
MY RIG: Enermax Chakra - C2Q Q9400 3.20GHz - Xigmatek HDT S963 - Intel DP45SG Extreme Series - WD 320gb HDD - HIS Radeon 4850 675/1075 - 3 GB XMS3 DDr3 1333 7-7-7-24 - 630watt Xion PSU - 250mm side intake, 2x 120mm exhuast, Modded active NB heatsink
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