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Default water on laptop

I was drunk one night and spilled a glass of water on my buddy's compaq laptop. I later went to bed not knowing i did this. He woke up and saw it and thought he should turn it on to see if it still worked. Not smart, he is computer illiterate. The computer started smoking and did not start up. What did I burn out, the hard drive?? Anyhting else? Fixable? I'm a college kid and am paying my way through it.

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Well I think that there might be quite many parts broken. And laptops are quite hard to fix by urself so I suggest u take it somewhere and ask them how much it costs to fix it. Try a few different shops so that u can get the cheapest price.

But ofcourse if u want to try and fix it urself there are many smart ppl in here who can help u out.

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Default Re: water on laptop

Wow.... I can picture the scene. You're passed out on the bed, he walks in - goes to turn on the computer, and you do one of those slow-mo "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"s. Hehe. Sorry....

Well, like daemon said, it could be a lot of things. I hate to say it, but it's quite possible that the whole thing is beyond repair. It just depends on where the water got to. Take it somewhere to have it checked out, and pray that it's under some sort of warranty.
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Default Re: water on laptop

aww thats horrible

Yeah, if it smoked, it could be anything that shorted out, to something thats completly bust and blown.

Seeing as the motherboard is the biggest component in a computer, its more than likely dribbled onto that and shorted it, and could have even gone into the CPU if you were very unlucky.

I'm afraid laptops aren't easy to fix, and so like these have said, if your mate has a guarantee, something should be able to be done. If not, well i'm sorry
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