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Default Want to supe up my computer

Howdy folks, I'm new here and looking for a little input.

I built my computer a few years ago, but I am now running some pretty serious software and I want to make sure my computer can keep up with these programs. I'm having some small issues and I'm not sure where to turn first.

The main program I run is Autocad Architecture 2012 3D. I have a dvd tutorial for this program and when the instructor goes from 2D to 3D - there is no pause at all and everything runs very smooth, but when I do the same command my program freezes for 5 to 10 seconds. A lot of the commands take several seconds to get going - and as you can imagine this wastes a lot of time.

I also play games like Call of Duty and Mx vs ATV Reflex. I used to get serious stuttering in Reflex, until I upgraded my graphics card, but it still isn't 100%.

Anywho, I am looking for some economical ways to upgrade. I would like to keep my current motherboard, even tho it is probably fairly old at this point. My budget is approx. $500 to $1000.

Here are my stats - and any help is greatly appreciated.

Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard - EP43-UD3L

Intel Core 2 CPU

6400 @ 2.13 GHz

3.50 GB RAM

Hard Drive 600 GB, 425 free


I am still running a 775 socket motherboard - would a better processor for this board help me out much? Any recommendations on how to speed this baby up without getting a new motherboard?

Thanks for any feedback you may have

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Default Re: Want to supe up my computer

I'll get back to you later with a build but to answer the question, a new processor, mobo, and ram would be the best option. For the program you want to run requires more computing cores to process the information quickly. You may want to look into a quad core, six core, or even AMD's eight core processors. You will also need more ram to help further process the information.
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