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Default VX922 and 7800GT installed

Let me tell you the monitor first. This thing is HUGE and suprisingly heavy. This is coming from a user that never used a monitor more than a 17" CRT and just coming off of a 15" LCD, this thing is a beast. I have tons of white space because of it's size and resolution is at max. So far, I see no degradation at all. Played several DVD's, played NFSU 2 without a problem. No dead pixels!!!! Viewsonic is simply the best. Very vibrant colors might I add. I'm still amazed at how huge this thing is. Almost as big as my TV, but with space saving feature of an LCD. Must have. The back of the monitor has two hidden brackets that pop off for cable installation. It hides in there and ties it down so it's not in the way. Once the cover is back on, it has a very clean look.

Now for the video card. I had a heck of a time getting the 7800GT to fit in my case. I had to take out the USB bracket because the video card was so long. Damn. I forgot that the PCI-e had the little white lever in which you have to pull on it to get the old card out. Defintely not an easy task to do. People with small hands have an advantage there. Huff and puff. After a complete dusting and tons of cable reshuffling, the card is in. I have no clue as to which port to plug the DVI cable into since there are two outputs. I just plug the one farthest away from the S-Video out port. *Shrug*. Seems fine though. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.

The stupid eVGA CD that it came with won't run. Piece of crap. Just go to the nVidia site and download drivers. Using the latest Forceware drivers 81.95. Temps at 42 degrees but no Coolbit installed yet nor benchmark test done yet. I can't wait to put it to the test further when I get that AOEIII installed. So far, everything is working just fine. Big ass video card I've ever used and a bit heavy too. It comes from the massive heatsink/fan. It's so big, that it completely hover over the chipset fan. No big deal, it's cardboard thickness at that point so no real obstuction there. Now I'm missing 2 USB ports because I had to take out that D-bracket. Probably get a USB hub next.

I know a couple of you guys were interested in monitors and such but so far, I'm pretty impressed. Did I mention this thing is huge? Less scrolling around.

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Default Re: VX922 and 7800GT installed

lucky XD i want one!!! and teh card wouldn't be 2 bad eithier :P tho i an ati fan :P how big is the actual monitor? 24inch? bigger?

Yes I have another problem...
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Default Re: VX922 and 7800GT installed

I didnt have that much trouble putting my 7800gt in. What case do you have? That's an awesome monitor I think im gonna have to start saving for one.
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Default Re: VX922 and 7800GT installed

Congratulations! I want an LCD pretty bad

Hey what about that 6600gt (was it?) that you had? PM me or something, you're never on MSN
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