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Default VPU Settings

Hello Everyone. I recently put in a 250 gig hard drive, and it works great. However, i get a message that reads like this and it just randomly pops up every once in a while...

VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as
it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands

and then it says in bold

Please tell ATI Technologies about this

Can anyone give me any help or suggestions about this? Thanks!!!


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Default Re: VPU Settings


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Default Re: VPU Settings


That's something to do with the graphics card, since in the settings in the Display Panel, you can turn VPU Recover on/off which can fix problems straight away...

Zoomtm might be right with it being a overheating problem, but I'd assume you'd get the same problem on the old drive as well...

Make sure you have up to date video drivers by downloading them from the ATI site, and it might fix it, because since you got the new drive, you probably reinstalled the drivers. You might have just used older ones, because VPU Recover is something in the drivers

Edit: By the way, the newest drivers on the ATI site do not work on my PC for some reason. It might be best you press to get the previous version because I don't think much was changed, but you could always try the newest one. It just causes me to get a black screen when it gets into windows... Least you'd know what the problem was anyway

Hope this helps,
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Default Re: VPU Settings

If you installed a new hard drive, you probably installed games on it; so they are not closely linked to the operating system. The Virtual Processing Unit of the video card has to scramble through a lot more disk space to achieve its' goal.
I would suggest you put your swap file on this new hard disk and just leave a small 50 Gig (min/max) swapfile on your main C, and one of 1.5 times the RAM you have (min/max) and then do a good disk cleanup and defragmentation. The VPU will seldom be initiated, but if you have sufficient RAM, a good swapfile and programs installed correctly on the right drives, you should be OK. Buy more RAM if you have too.
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