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Default Vista not showing files or allowing transfer

Wondering if anyone has encoutered these problems. I am trying to transfer documents from my old XP pc to the new Vista PC.

First, I tried was taking my main OS hard drive in the old PC and hooking it up to the Vista pc. Even though the files showed, it would not let me transfer the files. It asked for permission multiple times, I always said yes, however the pc would not let me make the transfer no matter how many times I said yes. I believe after three tries it just said I don't have permission and stopped asking, but it may have continued to ask. I am an administrator on the pc.

Secondly, I took the second hard drive on the old pc (without a OS on it) and hooked it up to the new pc. No files showed up on the hard drive. Even though no files showed up in Vista, the pc could still tell that the space was taken up in the old hard drive.

Finally, I just bought a 1 gig USB and decided to transfer documents through that. The usb had pre-installed files on it and two videos I put on there. When I put in the usb, it see's the pre-installed files but not the videos. The pc can recognize that space is taken up, but not the files.

At this rate I would to lose a lot of data if I try to transfer and I can't check thousands of files to ensure they are there. Is there a work around to the hard drive issue or if not usb issue. I have considered going out and buying one of those easy transfer cables but since it usb, the files probably won't show up for that to and I would be out 35 bucks.

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Default Re: Vista not showing files or allowing transfer

Did the XP install have a password to get into it? If so, you need to take ownership of the files. To do that, right click the folder, click security, advanced, click the owner tab, then assign it a new owner (administrators is probably best). Do the same thing for the hard drive, excecpt you right click the entire drive from the "Computer" screen.

as for the flash, idk. You can try the ownership thing again, but I'm not sure if it would work.

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Default Re: Vista not showing files or allowing transfer

transferring files in this case are either having a software issue with something that the new pc either has or doesn't. Th vista operating system will not accept certain files simply because it is vista. The problems have been tried to resolved but it seems that they are not really getting anywhere.
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