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Default Vista Issues

On my friends laptop she is having problems with vista. All I remember is it is a Dell Inspirion with vista basic. Anyways it is going VERY slow tried restarting several times but locks up and have to hold power button to force shut down. I finally got into settings to just look over stuff and noticed when i looked at processor speeds/RAM amount it said unavailable under both. I am completly stumped on this and she said it was plugged in all last week and we had a lot of bad storms last week so any chance maybe a memory module would have gotten struck by lightning or something? Any help would be appreciated!

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Default Re: Vista Issues

There are chances. But if it starts up fine then her CPU is ok. Stick some other RAM in there to see what happens.

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Default Re: Vista Issues

Try what JogaBonito1502 said. If there's no luck I personally would just install XP SP2. Vista = crap.
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Default Re: Vista Issues

Originally Posted by Archangel112 View Post
Vista = crap.
Another uninformed opinion, Vista is a very good stable system, maybe you need to try it before you bag it.
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Default Re: Vista Issues

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Default Re: Vista Issues

Boot off the CD and run the startup repair feature.

When that finishes, the system may restart, or it may not all depending on if it can find/fix a problem. At any rate when it does finish at the repair menu off the CD, go into command prompt. Type in "Chkdsk /r" and press enter and let that run.
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Default Re: Vista Issues

Thanks for the replies, like I said its a friends computer and she isn't very tech savvy so I'm not sure if she even has the CD's to boot from. But like I said it does boot fine but it just runs really slow. When I opened the Control Panel it showed the status bar up top and it was constantly moving but very slowly, that is why I expected a RAM failure. But as soon as I see her again I'll try everything you've said and come back if I can't get it figured out. Thanks again for the replies.

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