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Exclamation Vista boot problem after splash screen?

Okay i'm getting really annoyed with this and I can't figure out whats causing it. The first time I installed Vista Home Premium 64bit after I got all the updates and installed my new drivers everything worked great for a few weeks. Then I downloaded the latest updates and upon restart the splash screen came up then it goes to the black screen before the little vista icon and never comes off it. After about 1 min it shuts down and restarts then prompting safe mode etc. It boots without any problems in safe mode but when I try to restart after safe mode it won't go to the logon screen it just gets stuck past the spash screen and resets.

I tried doing a reformat thinking maybe a update caused this. Got everything reformatted and installed the updates and it happened again. Since then i've tried several combinations to figure out whats causing it for example I would installed only the updates for vista no driver updates or anything and just used what I had downloaded from the manufacture's websites.

As far as graphic drivers I have a HIS X1650pro and downloaded there latest driver version. It would install but entering catalyst control center it wouldn't give me any graphic options. So I thought that may be the problem so I went to AMD's website and downloaded there latest version 7.3 X64bit Vista version. This would give me all graphic options and seemed to work fine. I didn't ever get to test a game on it because I kept having that problem after the splash screen.

Other programs I thought may be causing it Dameon tools 64bit but I had this problem without this being installed. I also had this problem before I installed Office 07 enterprise. The first time I had that up for weeks with Office no problems and on one format it didn't go past the splash before I even got to install office.

Also i've tried it with & without Microsofts vista version intelipoint/intelitype software for my keyboard/mouse.

The latest creative drivers I managed to get them working on initial setup however after a format I didn't have those installed on one format I was busy installing other stuff and open a restart for the updates it would get past the splash screen the restart.

Whats odd is if I boot in safe mode it has no problems going in just when I try a normal boot up. I'm having this problem with one drive I thought it might be a dual boot setup causing the problem but i've disconnected the one HD to confirm this. I'm really at a lose to what to do if I boot in safemode with networking I can't uninstall any of the drivers it says not accessable in safe mode. I've given up so far and just installed XP back on my system. I can't have a OS that is a crap shoot if its going to startup.

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Default Re: Vista boot problem after splash screen?

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