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Old 02-04-2008, 11:29 AM   #1
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Cool virus? or messed up?

ok my friends and i think that my laptop has a virus. i think it does becuase when i turn it on everything is fine and then when i click my acccount to log in only the background shows and the curser thats it. ive waited for like 10 minutes and still nothing happens and i think that there is some weird virus because i even checked the other accounts and the same thing happens to those ones. so what do i need to do my friend said i should reupload windowsxp.exe. this that what i should do? also i need a alot better anti virus im just gonna get that from my friend or im gonna get bitdefender if thats good or anything else. right now i have spysweeper/spyware it sucks so much my dads the one who put that one. so anyone no what i should do?

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Default Re: virus? or messed up?

i think its because explorer.exe is crashing. its a virus. what kinda antivirus u use.

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Default Re: virus? or messed up?

tell him to download and run this.... its free
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Default Re: virus? or messed up?

Install AVG ABOVE or http://www.comodo.com/ if you cant get the pc to stay stable on the desktop then run it in safemode, if it finds and removes them then reboot and run again to see if it has completely gone, you may need to turn off your system restore then run the AV then turn it back on once the infected files have been removed, if it picks up any that it can only quarantine and not fix then leave them in the virus volt untill an fix can be applied by your AV, DO NOT MANUALY DELETE ANY FILE THAT THE AV CAN NOT REMOVE, these will probabley be system files needed to run windows so just leave them locked in the volt. make sure you have an updated firewall program before going back online. free spyware program to use is either
http://www.safer-networking.org/en/home/index.html or
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Default Re: virus? or messed up?

zkilla you no what im usin youve seen me turn on the laptop and everyone else its a laptop so is all that still gonna work
and i cant download anything on to it because when i log on to an account nothing pops up but the background so i cant click anything so i guess ill try that safe mode thing too see if it works thanks blackjack and cryman
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