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Default Video cards, Proc cores and clocks

I've been looking to buy a new video card around $200 and I know proc cores/stream procs are important but I see some cards that will have 352 cores but their clock speeds will be around 100-200mhz slower than the ones with 332 cores at the same price.

Now my question is what will be the difference in performance, if any, and what are the functions of the clock speeds and cores/streams?

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Default Re: Video cards, Proc cores and clocks

Forget about clock speeds, cores, and streams. Game performance cannot be compared directly to those statistics because the relative performance of them varies greatly with the architecture of different cards. Instead focus directly on reviews showing the performance of different cards. Note that the relative performance of different cards change for different games, game setting, and monitor resolutions.

For general information about upgrading video cards, I recomment How to Upgrade Video Card

Their page on "Criteria" provide a helpful guide in identifying system requirements and limitations (such as PSU power) and personal preferences:
Upgrading Video Card - Defining Personal Preferences and System Requirements

And the page on gaming and the following one on reviews provide information about using reviews - such as FPS - and links to helpful sites
Best Video Card Upgrades for Gaming

To get more help from this site, you should post information (make and model) about your major system components (Cpu, memory, PSU, and current video card) and game preferences - games, settings, and monitor resolution.

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Default Re: Video cards, Proc cores and clocks

Ugh, promoting a personal site?

The $200 mark gives you access to quite a few cards that will do what you're looking for.

It would be helpful to know what your intended games are too, and any extracurricular activities might be (Folding, distributed computing, etc)
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