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Default Video card question

i was wondering, if my computer has 3 video cards and i hook it up to a projector with a 100 inch screen and tripple the resalution, would gaming look like it would if i had a 3 monitor setup? Or would text and such be to small to read?

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Default Re: Video card question

Keep in mind a projector that can handle that type of resolution you're looking at is going to be EXPENSIVE. Like on the order of several thousands of dollars.

I have a DLP projector at home that does something like 800x488 or something and it looks fine for things like movies and old games.

If you buy a 720p projector, that will be plenty, but you'll use little of that graphics horsepower.

Three GPUs (or any SLI/CrossFire arrangement) is best left for a high resolution single monitor in a high end game with all of the eye candy & antialiasing/ansiotropic filtering turned on. If you don't use AA/Aniso & the highest resolution you can of a monitor 24" or higher, then you're wasting your power and your time. SLI/CF is useless below 1650x1080 on the newest cards. I had two 8800 GTS's in SLI and even at 1650x1080 they weren't stressed at all.
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