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Default Which Video Card?

ok I've been debating what kind of video card to get for awhile now. my 2 choices ive come to get are either the GeForce 7900gs or the Geforce 8600gts. I haven't seen anything better that the 8600gts has over the 7900gs other than high clock rates and DX10 so I don't know which to get because DX10 isn't that stable right but what do you think I should get. Any other choices would be greatly appreciated just would prefer it to be under $200.

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Default Re: Which Video Card?

Were do you people get this stuff. DX10 isn't that stable? What rumor mill did you hear that from. There's nothing wrong with DX10 people designing games are making the switch to design games in DX10.

However if the game is just DX9 then the game runs in DX9. A game must be designed in DX10 to run DX10. If your not going with vista stay with the 7900gs. I wouldn't recommend anything less than a 8800gts for vista unless you want to drop settings. The 8600gts is overpriced compared to other cards the only thing is its DX10 for future games. It probally won't run those future games on ultra high settings.
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