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Default Video card

Hi everyone... I just have a general question... I'm thinking about buying a BFG GeForce FX 5500OC 256MB AGP Video card... Is it a good card and what do you think about it??

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Default Re: Video card


Here is some information I found on another forum about the card. I can't really say how old the card is, but its a modified Geforce FX5500... and I think those are newish in terms of when they came out, not performance.

If you didn't want to run new games at full settings including resolution, this card would be perfect for you, for price, and features

It is already an overclocked card though, and so if you wanted more performance, this wouldn't be possible


Offical Site:



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Default Re: Video card

Good but not really for high res on next gen games.
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Default Re: Video card

hmmm, i heard that these were weak cards,

They compare them to suped up 5200's. And the 5200's clearly sucked.
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Default Re: Video card

my brother has one and i just ran aquamark and it got an average of 10fps. He has 2.4Ghz, 512 PC2700, and 80GB HDD. So if ur into newer games i wouldn't recomend it, for example it doesn't perform too well with ROME TOTAL WAR on full graphics, but if ur playing new games on mid level graphics or older games, its an OK card
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before i got my 6800gt i had a geforce fx 5200 ultra and it played doom 3 fine on medium quality at 1024x768 and hl-2 with the settings 3/4 the way turned up.

i dont know what the big thing about playing these newer games at super quality is, you really cant even tell the difference, well i cant anyway.

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