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Default Very Strange Issues with My PC

Well Hello again.
it's Been A little while, But I'm going to Try and go into as much detail about the issues I've been having As possible.

Currently I'm

Running 5 Gigs of DDR2,

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz

1024MB Ge Force 9800 GT.

Well My mom Has A Dell optiplex 755, And it has the same socket type as my motherboard (755LGA) so Even tho my MB does NOT, support This processor, i thought what the hell, let's give it a try. It worked fine, played games no issues, But i did have a lag issue. Stuff was actually going slower, was slower, things were locking up, becoming unresponsive, and just making a mess.

Well I gave it back to her, and put mine it, everything was fine.
But my Hard drive started making noises, i can't describe the sound, but it was like RRRRRR, sounded really rough. So i figured, take her hard-drive(Sea-gate 320GB) And place mine in there. So i took hers out, and clicked format, Usually on my drive, even if it was dirty as hell, it would take less then 30 secs to format. Well her's Took About 5 mins (thought that was odd) and the install of windows 7 would hang, and never finish completely. Well, long And behold I turn my Hard drive back on, With Another Sata cable, And the noise has stopped.. Does Anyone know Why That is? i'm still Using Her Processor, But my Hard drive.. Her hard drive would not complete the installation of windows on my computer, But i put it back in the dell, And it worked fine.. Seems very odd..

Another problem is, i Have a DC brush-less Fan blower that i place under my graphics card, to blow out extra heat from the GPU, well i shut down the computer, Cleaned it out, and put the cards back in.

Couldn't Get A signal, so i thought the card went out, plugged in VGA, still no signal.. Had to wind up taking out A stick of Memory, booting up the cpu, Shutting it down, And replacing The stick of memory back in.. What would cause that?

Once Again, Thanks!!
And hello from so long ago!

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Talking Re: Very Strange Issues with My PC

sounds like you have a noise issue trollolol
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