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Default Very Annoying Problem

Ok, when I turn on my computer everything is working fine. Then when I open a game wether it be Halo, CS:S, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, or whatever, theres something really annoying that happens.

I join a server and every 1-3 seconds the screen will just stop animating, as if you had an extremly low fps, like 3 or something. But my readings show about 50 fps. My ping is under 75 constantly. Yet i still get this problem consistently once every 1-3 seconds. And then when i disconnect from a server but with the game open and make my mouse fly around inside the game rapidly every 1-3 seconds the mouse will just freeze, as if the computer just stops responding for a part of a second. It makes playing games almost impossible, and even the smallest of computer task very annoying.

On this computer this is my setup:
Radeon 9800 pro xt
512 mb of ram
2.4 ghz p4 processor
4x agp slot on my mobo (yes i know it will make my radeon bottlekneck)

I have run all of the games that I am now having problems with perfectly without a hitch before. Also, this may be a related problem, but frequently when i restart my computer my monitor will display a message saying; "Please attach the power supply to you Radeon 9800 Pro Xt Video Card."

Any ideas?
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