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Default Using three monitors.

Hello everyone, first time poster on this site looking for some help.

Alright I'll begin at the beginning. About a week ago I decided I was gonna be cool and have 3 monitors, just go buy one and plug it in, sounded easy enough. It wasn't. After I bought the monitor, I realized my GPU does not support 3 monitors(GTX 560Ti) so I figured fine ill buy a new gfx, which I did (amd radeon 7770 hd) that supports 3 monitors. I was really excited when I came home thinking I was gonna have 3 monitors. Wrong again, I needed an active displayport, which none on the stores here had so I had to order it(about 4 days for it to come) again I figured fine ill wait. So after 4 days I got it but it doesn't wok because one of my screens only supports VGA, I was using that with a dvi adapter, and after the displayport adapter, didn't work. Needed a single link Dvi cable, my question is can I use a VGA to dvi cable( without a dvi adapter) and still plug in the displayport adapter to the end of the cable which is dvi? Can someone please link the exalt cable I need for it to work? Sorry if I sound rude or anything just kinda angry ATM, I would rally appreciate some help! Also typing this on an iPhone sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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Default Re: Using three monitors.

I know they sell Display Port Adapters with VGA ports.

I don't understand exactly what you are saying, but it sounds like you're pulling a DVI to VGA converter into a display port adapter and vga cable to monitor and it's not working. Have you tried a monitor that uses DVI on that display port adapter? One problem I ran into when doing 3 monitors is that I didn't order an active dp adapter the first time. I know you said active, but I'd make sure it is or it won't work.
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