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Old 05-08-2005, 08:06 PM   #1
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Default usb, internet problems

Hi and thanks for any help u can provide. Start with what i have, which is an Amd ath 1.3 1 gig ram 120 gb hd, My motherboard has 2 usb slots, there is also a card that offers 4 usb slots. then there is 2 on the front along with headphone jack on the front. Ive got a dsl connection that is connected to a linksys router.

I was told when i got the computer that the usb and headphone jack on the front wernt usable, cant remember exactly why.

My problem is this, if i have a usb mouse plugged in the mouse will stop workin after bout 2 minutes of use. Ive even gotten a blue screen pop up tellin me there was an error and that windows had to shut down. Also at the same time the mouse went down my internet connection to just this computer started messing up. When it does connect to a site its very slow, most the time it times out. The other 3 computers in the house are workin fine on the router. I can install a ps2 mouse and i dont get the freezing up. I had the error code written down, cant find it now though. But read that there was a conflict with the usb's. didnt have time to research it more. Also read that the bios may need to be updated or something like that. I tried a system restore but there wasnt an eariler time that it could go to. Oh what i think caused all this, my brother took some headphones and plugged them into the front, which wasnt supposed to work, im guessin this caused a conflict maybe???? Well i hope ive provided enough info. Need more let me know...

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Default Re: usb, internet problems

reinstall or find an update of your ethernet driver, theres probably a short in your usb port

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Default Re: usb, internet problems

looks like ive got the usb problem figured out. Still having internet problems. Looks like i can connect to web sites, when i type the web address in it appears that it connects. I see the name of the site show up in the blue bar at the very top of the browser but after that it times out....Thanks!

Also ive got a joystick card that had come loose and may have made contact with the eithernet card, could this have caused damage to the either card?
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