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Default Urgent Printing help needed

Hey, i have made a biss card 4 my brother on word, he needs 100 printed out tonight. They are 2 sided, so i have one side on one document and the other side on another. How can i print multiple cards out even though there is only one on the page and the page is only 9.2cm by 6 cm?

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Urgent Printing help needed

You should have used a template.
I believe this would have set it out correctly for you, and would have just meant, that you'd of had to have flipped the paper each time, if the printer didn't have the function.

The way you've done it, by using seperate documents, has made it a lot harder, and will take a lot more manual work.

Since the layout is going to be the same though for both documents (hopefully ), print out the first 100, and then flip the pages in the printer, and then print the second document, which will print on the other side, behind the first.

If all goes well, you'll have two sides printed.


I think I know what you mean...

Right, okay, if you can, save each side as an image file. Preferably a small file size as to not confuse the printer, so possibly a JPEG without high compression.
If you have to, if Word doesn't have the option to do this, print screen.
Go into a Painting program and paste the data, then crop it.
Save each side as a seperate image file, with the same amount of crop.
Save as an image, and now go to the file, where it is saved.

Right click, and select Print. I can't help you with this part, since this computer doesn't have a printer installed, BUT, there should be an option to print many on one page, and the software will take care of the rest.

Then repeat the same for the other side (but the image size would have to be the same, dimensions wise for this to work)

Thats what I'd do.


To make it easier though, check if word doesn't have the option as a template to print like this anyhow

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Default Re: Urgent Printing help needed

yeah i checked the templete, im using a older version of word so it didnt have that option, anyway ill do the image way, didnt even think of it, Thanks anyway!

Lol already come over a problem in the document it has a | in it i cant seem to delete it =\ sorry 4 double post to
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