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Default Upgrading the SSD in my PC to a bigger HDD?

I got this awesome computer over the summer , Intel i7 965 @ 3.2gHz , 12GB of ram , 30GB SSD and a 1 TB 2.5" HD.

Now , admittedly one of these 30GB HD's is , way to small. I can barely keep Windows 7 and Firefox to play nicely with it , especially seeing how I need different updates to the OS and firefox updates about 6 times a year , my harddrive is almost always pushing >500MB , which is barely enough to store the temporary internet files of a decent YouTube video.

I really , really , am done fighting with my computer to free up the space about twice a day. I need help finding a how-to replace the SSD , and I need to find a ~250GB HDD/SSD for a decent price , about >100$ (USD) (The bigger the better , write speed is also perferred to be high)

Help/if any help is worth the while , I could really use it , becuase I love my computer , I just hate how small the SSD is.

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Default Re: Upgrading the SSD in my PC to a bigger HDD?

Do, you say that you are only using 500mb, but yet you have a 30GB SSD drive? There is no need to using more than a few GB of that 30GB. When you install programs, don't just click "next". Specify the bigger drive (probably D or E).

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Default Re: Upgrading the SSD in my PC to a bigger HDD?

No what he is saying is that the hard drive has less then 500MB free.

However, 30 GB "should" be enough space. Is it possible (as OldSchoolPC said) to move programs off of the SSD to the 1 TB drive? What programs do you have installed on the SSD? You could even move FF to the 1 TB drive and that might help as well.
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Default Re: Upgrading the SSD in my PC to a bigger HDD?

I had an Intel 40GB SSD in my work PC, and it was very cramped, so I can only imagine what a 30GB is like. What the others have said is pretty much what I did - I installed just Windows to the SSD, and ran the other programs (even Firefox which admittedly doesn't need the SSD to do its job well) to a standard HDD.

I don't see much of a point in SSDs below 80GB anyway - there's just not enough room to do much. If you use the SSD of that size for an active swap drive, that might help, but in this age of high RAM amounts and low prices, there's just not much of a sense running a swap file anymore unless you absolutely need one for production work (photoshop, video editing, etc)
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