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Default Re: Upgrading Questions (PSU mostly; a few GPU questions, too)

Okay. Thanks.

I think I'll see what comes out cheapest when I add the rest of the stuff to my card since Newegg has a really odd way (at least, I think) of configuring shipping. I can always paint the connectors. I was just mainly concerned about the difference between the two and just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to pick something slightly less quality.

Thanks again to everyone.

EDIT: Well, guess what! The Dude has changed his mind. I was running some simple calculation by my mom and dad (the people who pay the billlls ) and they want me to get the modular corsair 750W. Why? This:

Corsair 750W 80 Plus Silver Certified Modular

Efficiency = Up to 90%

Idle Power Consumption = [350W/.9(efficiency)/1000(KwH)]*$0.09(ave cost of electricity KwH)*24(hours in day)*365(duh) = $306/year (this is if the computer were idle, 24/7)

If it were idle 2/3 of the time (load other 1/3), it would come out to $204/year (this is JUST idle remember; I'll add in load in a minute down below)

If it were idle 4/5 of the time (load just 1/5), it would come out to be $245/year

Load Power Consumption = [750W/.9/1000]*.09*24*365 = $657/year

Load 1/3 = $219

Load 1/5 = $131

Idle 1/1 = $306/yr
Load 1/1 = $657/yr
Idle 2/3 | Load 1/3 = $204 + $219 = $423/yr
Idle 4/5 | Load 1/5 = $245 + $131 = $376/yr

Corsair 750W 80 Plus Certified (or any other 750W 80 Plus Cert. for that matter; including the PC P&C one..btw more on that later)

Efficiency = >80%

Idle Power Consumption = [350W/.8/1000]*$0.09*24*365 = $345/year

Idle 2/3 = $230/year

Idle 4/5 = $276/year

Load Power Consumption = [750W/.8/1000]*.09*24*365 = $739/year

Load 1/3 = $246

Load 1/5 = $148

Idle 1/1 = $345/yr
Load 1/1 = $739/yr
Idle 2/3 | Load 1/3 = $204 + $219 = $475/yr
Idle 4/5 | Load 1/5 = $245 + $131 = $424/yr

Differences and Money Saved (by going 80+ Silver over 80+):
Idle 1/1 = $39/year
Load 1/1 = $82/year
Idle 2/3 | Load 1/3 = $52/year
Idle 4/5 | Load 1/5 = $48/year
Just for sh**s and giggles -> Idle 9/10 | Load 1/10 = $43/year

So basically, going this route, it will pay back the difference between the PC P&C 750W in about a year and 9 months using the last method above (this is just the $85, not even with shipping included) and it would surpass the difference of the Corsair standard 750W 80+ in about a year and a half. It will essentially completely pay for itself in about 3 years and 9 months.

Keep in mind, this is all just comparing it to itself. God knows how much of a difference it is even on my 500W OCZ that's not certified for anything! It'd probably pay for itself in under 2 years if I compared it to that.

So basically, this was used to convince the 'rents that I should go with this one. Anything thoughts?

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