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Default Upgrading PC

I have a really out of date PC, which keeps crashing. So I'm upgrading.

This is my plan, and I want to know what you guys think.

Asrock SKT-939 dual PCX and 8xAGP SATA2 Sound Lan

AMD Athlon 64 bit 3800X2 dual core SKT-939

1GB DDR400 PC3200 RAM

250GB HD Maxtor Serial ATA300 7200RAM 16MB Cache

Some kind of DVD drive, what would you recommend, as I only wish to use it for playing games.

I'm keeping my GPU for now, as it's an AGP and I needed a mobo with AGP & PCI-E slots.

If you can where would be the cheapest places to order them from, UK websites please.

Thanks for you help.

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Default Re: Upgrading PC

That all sounds good

As for UK sites, I love this:


I'm from the UK too, and tend to use this shop for PC upgrade buying, as they are competitive with pricing, which makes them cheap.
Its also very coopretive, and you get your products at the times you suggest. I couldn't rate it any higher than I do already.

The only issue I can see though, is the fact the motherboard you requested isn't listed...
It has one PCI-E and AGP board in stock, but theres no SLI support, or Dual Core support.


I believe this site has that motherboard though, from a google search:


They seem cosure, but I haven't used them.

You'll need to sign up though, which is free before you can start selecting to buy.

After you've got that board from them, I suggest Microdirect as your next port of call for the other parts, unless you can find them for the same price on that site.


Take your pick from no other than Micro Direct :


It depends on your case colour, etc, though the 16x ones are definietly fast enough to play DVD's, etc.

If you want a burner for later, you'll have to pay a bit extra, though 10 more won't break the bank for DVD/CD burn support at 16x DVD+R, and 48x CD-R compared to a standard DVD/CD reader only.

Your choice, but I think that'd be a good bargain, and thats a really good DVD burn speed too. I only have a slow 4x DVD burner and it cost more than that


I hope this helps

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Default Re: Upgrading PC

Thanks, that's really helpful.

Anyone else got anything to add?
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