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Exclamation Upgrading and adding RAM

So I will be running two seperate kits of ram and I was wondering if everything would be compatible as well as run at full capacity/potential. I currently have in my computer 2x2gb planks of g.skill ram (I will provide links below) and just purchased 2x4gb planks of g.skill ram that will soon arrive, now I noticed on my motherboard that there are a total of 4 slots for planks of ram and they alternate color from left to right. I assume I should put the same sized plank of ram in every other slot (as to coordinate same ram in same ram color cradle on the motherboard) is this correct? If so, why is my motherboard like that? Is this what you consider "dual-channel"
1)Will my 4 total planks of ram (2x2gb and 2x4gb) all be compatible and run well or should I just run the 2 planks of 4gb?
2)Should I place my planks of ram in every other slot so that the same size ram is in the same colored cradles? Also, why is this?
3)And finally does it matter which set of cradles I put the 2/4gb sticks in? As in should the higher ram be in the black or blue cradles?
Both sets of ram are from the same manufacturer, both ddr3 1660, same CL, same 1.5v, and same timing except the 2x2gb have a "-2N" at the end (you can see on the newegg link) what does the 2N mean? 9-9-9-24-2N
My motherboard: AMD Phenom II x4 955
My current ram-2gb: 2x2gb
Ram purchased-4gb: 2x4gb

Also, I have heard varying details on how I should place the ram on the mobo...some say I should make sure each channel has equal amounts of ram so it would be 2gb+4gb in one channel and 2gb+4gb in another channel, seperating the ram. I always thought you should keep ram kits together?

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Default Re: Upgrading and adding RAM

Hi cctaylor88

2N is the command rate, and your RAM layout should be something like Slots 1. 3. 2. 4.

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Default Re: Upgrading and adding RAM

First consider these two things.

1. Most people won't even get close to using 8GB of RAM so I'd stick with using only the 2 sticks of 4GB to make sure the system is stable. If you are using your PC as more of a workstation then you "could" benefit from more RAM than 8GB.

2. you need a 64bit operating system to use more than 4GB of RAM.

If you don't think you need more than 8GB now then you are skip everything else, otherwise...

if its the same speed, timing, and volt it could work. I have never paid attention to the 2N before but it could be one of those things where most sticks are but they don't show it in their specifications. If there are stability issues just take out the two sticks of 2GB.

as for the rest, I can't say as it involves info that isn't brought up too often (should look into the whole same ram/same color vs. equal ram amounts per channel sometime).
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Default Re: Upgrading and adding RAM

Use the Crucial System Scanner software to find out what type of memory is in your computer, It will tell what type of ram your computer needs and how many slots you have and what ones are free and it can tell what are the best deals that you can buy..
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